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Who we are

Montdor makes brands stand out as well as stand for something.

We are a creative agency that builds strong alliances between brands and consumers. Founded in the brand’s equity we create value based growth for our clients. Our starting point is thinking consumers, time and place first and media and channels second. We use this to tie brands to relevant experiences that make them stand out.

We are a group of enthusiastic and passionate people with different abilities ranging from original thinking, creative design to actually building things.





We started out with an idea, a few notes and some drawings in a sketch book … and ended up with a new brand of craft beer for our clients and friends at Royal Unibrew.

We have developed the marketing strategy and created the brand identity and creative universe. From the modern packaging design to the masculine visual universe and the roll out marketing plan we are proud to say: We did it!

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot

How does a world famous champagne brand Vueve Clicquot get the attention of the right audience? We decided to live out the brand’s promise: “Let Life Surprise You”.

At the prestigious Polo In The Park event north of Copenhagen we talked directly to our desired high end audience with a unique VIP-experience. We built on the brand’s strong heritage but created a modern and urban WOW-feeling leaving people devoted to Vueve Clicquot.



Would you like to help us paying homage to one of the brewery’s founding fathers? Of course we said yes! The result speaks for itself.

We have created the brand’s identity, creative platform and marketing strategy. The characteristic illustration of Schiøtz with his big beard and top hat is the brand’s strong key visual that creates a unique identity that makes Schiøtz stand out and stand tall.

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